1972 M-151A2 MUTT ~SOLD

M 151a2 (9)

M 151a2 (9)

Ford designed the MUTT – short for Military Unit Tactical Truck – to replace the Willys M38 and M38A1 (the military versions of the Jeep CJ-3A and CJ-5). Unlike those more traditional jeeps, the MUTT uses an independent suspension and unibody construction. While Ford built and designed the M151A2, AM General and Kaiser built a few MUTTs during its 23-year production run, too – the three companies screwed together over 100,000 M151A2s between 1959 and 1982.

Uncut 1972 M-151A2 MUTT jeep

This MUTT is from the desert so there is no rust. It operates well with only 23,500 miles on it.


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