What You’ll Get

We sell vehicles in two primary conditions. However, we are glad to work with you to create a vehicle that meets your needs and fits into your budget. We strive to use only original or NOS parts. Only 5% of the vehicle that you’ll receive will be reproduction parts.

Restoration Project

unrestored jeep

An as-is vehicle that typically needs a lot of work. No mechanical and no cosmetic work has been performed. It comes to you with most or all of the major components so that you can do the restoration yourself.


“Motor-Pool” restoration

restored Jeep

This is a vehicle that we have repaired to drive and look good cosmetically. Do not confuse this with a “frame-off” or “museum” restoration, we don’t do those. However, you will be able to immediately start and drive it, afford it, and enjoy it. The paint won’t be perfect, mechanically it won’t be perfect, but it will be great for parades and reenactments. Typically this includes new tires, rebuilt (original) carburator, new battery, the engine and drivetrain has received necessary repairs and runs well, new seat cushions and backs, new paint, and whatever else is needed to make a useable vehicle.¬†You’ll be proud to sit behind the wheel of one of these.

All vehicles, parts, and accessories are sold as is, where is with no implied warranty or guarantee.

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