1942 Ford Script GPW Project ~SOLD~

US Army 1942 Ford Script GPW Project.

Very complete and original including a good GPW engine and radiator.

Lots of Ford marked bolts.

From the desert, only minor rust and damage.

Contact John for more info: john@vintagemilitaryvehicles.com  ~SOLD


K-38 Signal Corps Jeep Trailer, Lineman’s Jeep Trailer


These K-38 trailers were towed behind jeeps and were used by the US Army Signal Corps repair crews.

They were used to store tools and wire. Very rare with different manufacturers and variations.

For details contact: John



Dodge R-2 Crash Rescue Truck~SOLD~



Dodge R-2 Crash Rescue Truck

This is a rare R-2 Crash Rescue Truck project.



Russian T-34 tank from the WWII (in Europe) ~SOLD


Here in Europe, we have a 1942 T-34 from the WW2 with documents, it’s demilitarized and in good working condition.

The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design. Although its armor and armament were surpassed later in the war, it has been often credited as the most effective, efficient and influential tank design of the Second World War.

For more information contact John Ferrie @ John@vintagemilitaryvehicles.com
or call 970-217-3859


1941 Ford Military Staff car



1941 Military Staff car -(186263828) Rebuilt flathead V8 and refurbished interior. It was rescued just after WWII from a junkyard.  Everything is in working order, runs good looks great. It has been sitting in a warehouse and deserves to be appreciated.


Contact Info:

Dustin Koppold
233 E. Bay Street
Suite 1010
Jacksonville, Fl. 32202
Phone (904) 800-1570


Aircraft Cargo Loading Truck A/S 32 H-5A

Aircraft Cargo Loading Truck A/S 32 H-5A

In Colorado in good condition $4800


Dodge 1/2 ton Command Car

Dodge 1/2 ton Command Car

This is an unfinished project with a rebuilt engine and chassis.

Contact John for Details: john@vintagemilitaryvehicles.com


1957 Russian GAZ 46 MAW Amphibious Jeep – For Sale by Owner

I have for sale russian amphibian GAZ 46 MAW 1957 in great condition,
no rust, runs and swims perfectly

If you are interested please contact:gaz46maw@vp.pl

US Army 1944 Willys MB Jeep Project from the Desert

This Willys MB is very solid since it came from the desert and had a hardtop until recently.

More photos to come.

Contact John for more info: john@vintagemilitaryvehicles.com


Fully Restored DAF YA-126

For sale DAF YA-126 which was fully restored with original parts! DAF YA-126 was a light military vehicle, produced for the Dutch army as a successor to the Dodge WC 1951-1959. They made it in 3496 copies.


Technical data:

Year: 1956.

Drive: 4×4 with an additional axle assist in difficult conditions.

Engine: 4,6l petrol engine

Power: 140HP

Gearbox: four-speed transmission + reverse gear

Payload: 1000kg

Price: 10.000 euro


Worldwide export!

Where you can see it:




49°57’10.5″N 19°53’27.2″

Worldwide export!

Mateusz Skorecki
tel. +48 665 650 467
email: mateusz.skorecki@wanicki.pl


1942 White Scout Car


For Sale is a 1942 White Scout Car.  The restoration was a complete frame-off restoration using NOS parts and parts from several suppliers.  The JXD engine was completely rebuilt by an automotive machine shop and it runs like a top.

Items rebuilt: brakes, steering box, brake booster, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, all bearings including wheel and transfer assemblies, radiator cored, and gauges rebuilt; if you name it, it was worked on.

With the Scout Car is a full set of canvas including top bows, extensions, carry bag for extensions, door posts door canvas, top canvas with straps and carry bag for the canvas.  The large bag on the rear of the vehicle has all of the door and top canvas.  The SCR 508 radio also works from the back of the vehicle or at the commander’s station.

Since the restoration, the Scout Car has been in several shows and convoys and featured in the MVPA Supply Line in 2010.  It has participated in several ARMVPA Red Ball convoys and the 2015 Bankhead Convoy.  This vehicle certainly draws a lot of attention and is fun to drive.  And, for the people up North, it has the very rare heater that works.

Some History:  During the restoration, markings on the front bumpers indicated the vehicle was assigned to the 2nd Armored Division, 82 Recon. Battalion, truck A-2.  The hood numbers were also original as found during the restoration.  The Data Plate is the original and this was a Greek Return in the mid-80’s; rebuild tag on the engine.

The vehicle is complete from the bulkhead forward or has NOS parts installed.  The storage boxes are a reproduction as is the tread plate in the back.  I am not sure about the rear bumper and brackets.  The side armor is original but rewelded due to being demilled.


Price: $65000


Location:  East Texas

Contact:  Mike Gamble  903-479-3289,   mikegamble@centurylink.net


GAZ-41 (BRDM-2) amphibious armoured patrol car. (in Europe)



The BRDM-2 (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, Боевая Разведывательная Дозорная Машина, literally “Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle”) is an amphibious armoured patrol car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union. It was also known under the designations BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08. This vehicle, like many other Soviet designs, has been exported extensively and is in use in at least 38 countries. It was intended to replace the earlier BRDM-1, compared to which it had improved amphibious capabilities and better armament.

For more information contact John Ferrie @ John@vintagemilitaryvehicles.com
or call 970-217-3859


1972 Pinzgauer Custom Camper

Pinzgauer Custom Camper 1

Pinzgauer Custom Camper 1

Klune-V Extreme underdrive
Custom heavy steel skid plate to protect the underdrive and transmission
Heavy duty 17″ alloy wheels
Micky Thompson Baja cLAW tIRES 33 x 12.5 R17
Reinforced factory roll bar
Custom external chrome-moly roll cage
Heavy tubular steel front rock guard
Custom gas tank skid plate
A custom rear step that also acts as a rear rock guard
Warn HS9500i winch mounts to front or rear
New heavy duty steering dampener
Modified exhaust system to improve clearance
Removable, dual gas can mounts
CO2 cylinder for tire inflation
Both 24v and 12v electrical with trickle chargers
Overhead console in cab for CB radio or CD player
Four multi speakers plus large sub-woofer
Corbeau seats and original seats
Aluminum door panels
Halon fire extinguisher in cab
Stainless Steel Kitchen table with adjustable leg
Built-in propane tank behind the gas tank
Kitchen box with three burner propane stove
Rear fire extinguisher behind CO2 tank
Cooler, food, tool, and bedding boxes strap to the steel rod
Kitchen table stores under rear deck with table leveler
Always garaged. No rust


US Army M-116 Husky Amphibious Carrier.~SOLD


US Army M-116 Husky Amphibious Carrier.

This is a nice M-116 Husky that came from the desert.

It runs and swims well. Also included are a full hardtop and extra parts and track.


US Army unrestored M-151A2


This is a M-151A2 that is uncut with a good title. It is in the desert, so no major rust problems.

It is unrestored, but it runs and drives. Fixable damage to the rear driver’s corner. Lots of spare parts.