Dodge M-43 Ambulance ~Reduced Price

Dodge M-43 01

Dodge M-43 01

Nice solid Dodge M-43 Ambulance from the desert. A straight body that was used as a Mountain Rescue truck.

The M-43 3/4 ton rated ambulance is a variant of the M-37 cargo truck, built by Dodge as a follow-on to the World War II vintage WC-54 Dodge ambulance and WC-64 KD Dodge ambulance, both part of the G502 series of WC 3/4 ton trucks.

The M-43 is based on the M-37 cargo truck but differed from the M-37 by having the panel-type closed ambulance body consisting of the driver’s compartment and the patient’s compartment with a connecting partition door.

No engine, but the drivetrain is intact. Only $1500

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