M-3A1 Scout Car With Rear Armor~Sold


This is a classic US Army WW II Wheeled Armored Car. It has the rear armor and supposedly the complete doors.

In 1940 came the much improved M3A1 main production variant. Several modifications were implemented. The hull was lengthened, and to prevent bogging down, an unditching roller was mounted in front of the bumper, which remained a trademark on all the White military vehicles afterward. As armament was also a concern, three machine guns were mounted on skate rails, one forward central heavy M2 50 cal (12.7 mm) and two 30 cals (7.62 mm) at the rear. They could all be fitted on tripods. A radio was fitted, either a SCR506, 508, or 510, with an antenna base at the center of the rear section. Production started in June 1939 and lasted until early 1944. Total figures differ, ranging from 20,856 to 20,918.

The M3A1 became the main road scout in the US Army, serving actively in the Philippines and North Africa. Many were delivered to the Allies, especially the Free French and Russians. However, by 1943 they were seen as obsolete. Critics pointed out the open top compartment, light armor not immune to machine-gun fire, and old-fashion rigid suspension which never allowed them to be fully all-terrain vehicles. Normal duties were rear area road patrols, convoy escort, screening, and, sometimes, advanced scouting parties. All served in various cavalry units throughout the war, but in mid-1942, many were relegated to supply and ambulance work, MP and rear echelon vehicles.

I need to dig it out of the barn to look at it better. Stay tuned, more to come!

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