Military SEE (small emplacement excavator)

Military SEE tractor (small emplacement excavator) This was made by the Freightliner corporation for Mercedes-Benz. These are based on the same model as the 419 Unimog. It was built in 1990 and was completely overhauled in 01-2007. It shows 9 miles and 4 hours. This unit has been checked out in our shop by undergoing a service checklist. All fluids have been checked, replaced, topped off as needed. These unique pieces can do a variety of jobs in one compact unit. On the front of the truck is a front end loader bucket with teeth for moving materials and loading trucks. It is rated at .75 cubic yards, the lift height is 98″ it will lift 3,300lbs, and the breakout force is 6,000lbs. On the rear is a Case backhoe attachment with many uses. It can dig up to 14′ deep with a reach of over 17′. It has a 10,000lbs breakout force. You can dismount the front end loader and the backhoe making a small very agile truck. The truck also has aux. hydraulics for running a variety of tools like a jack hammer, rock drill, impact, chainsaw, and all other kinds of attachments. The Mercedes 6 cylinder inline 346 cubic inch diesel runs strong and is rated at 110 hp. Behind that is a 16-speed transmission for all kinds of gear speeds. Top speed rated by the military is 50mph, but it’s not safe to go that fast if it will with all the attachments on. 35-40 mph is a safe top speed with the attachments on or you can go 45-50 mph with them off. It also has disc brakes. The 4×4 system works fine, the front and rear differential will lock together providing true 4 wheel drive. The truck is sitting on Michelin like new XL’s 12.5-20 tires. The truck has new military spec batteries in it and is ready to go. All major functions have been tested and work properly. The interior of this truck is in good condition. The truck has a PTO for the hydraulic pump only, no extra PTO is at the rear of the truck. It has hydraulic power to the rear of the truck also when the backhoe is removed.

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