1941 Ford GP ~SOLD~


This is a first series GP: tub 9181, frame *9958, and engine *8835*. It
is listed on the national registry for GP’s
The restoration of GP 9181 was completed in 2015. This restoration
consisted of
a frame off approach with all rust and body filler removed from the tub.
The only panels deemed unable to be restored were the tool bin interiors.
Newly manufactured tool bin interiors were obtained from Simon Allen of
Australia and welded into place. The tub, frame, and engine block were
all stripped, primed, and painted in the correct drab paint supplied by
Paul Viens of TM9 Ordnance. Not reproductions or civilian modified
Wiring, gas line, brake lines, etc.. were replaced as well. Rear end,
front end, transfer case, transmission, front knuckles, etc… were all
The engine was checked and had good compression in all cylinders. Because
it had good compression, burned no oil, and had appropriate power, it was
felt an engine rebuild was not in order.
9181 Components that were rebuilt included:
Holley 947D carburetor
Wheel cylinders
Voltage regulator

The good aspects of 9181 are that it is a nearly complete GP with many of
the very hard to find parts including the correct carburetor, correct
distributor, air cleaner, air horn, combat rims, vintage tires, etc… It
is a running and driving example that is driven in car show/parades. The
paint is close to 100% and it is a very clean example with less than 50
miles on it since the restoration. It recently placed first in class,
president’s choice, and best in show at the MVPA Military Vehicle Rally in
Orlando, Fl ( Feb 26-28, 2016).

The less than good aspects include:
It has a reproduction horn. The speedometer is the 0-60mph rather than
the 0-100mph speedometer ( a highly contested subject among GP purists).
Some of the parts were mistakenly painted the wrong color most noticeably
the radiator painted black rather than OD green.
It still has some minor wiring needs including wiring the horn and wiring
the fuel gauge. The headlights and combat lights are dim and would likely
need replacing if it is driving at night. I have left them alone
because the bulbs are wartime dated. It does have a top but no side
Some welding was required to fill in rust holes around the side curtain
snaps so we opted to fill all of the holes in and re-drill in the future.
It has not been re-drilled for the snaps.